Donations included:

-15 sleeping bags 

-over 200 toothbrushes

-deororant, toothpaste, shampoo

soap, socks, kleenex and more!

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Homeward Band is proud to support WEAVE  to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Homeward Band is a vocal advocate for vulnerable populations escaping 

environments and those involved in sex trafficking.  

About Us.

Homeward Band Headbands can be bought at Fleet Feet located in Sacramento on J Street. Scroll down to find latest  news!

Homeward Band is a nonprofit supporting WEAVE, which helps domestic violence & sexual assault survivors. The headbands are pre-washed with 100% cotton backing.

Homeward BAnd

A nonprofit supporting WEAVE.

MARCH 2016:

Homeward Band drops of donations to

             Wind Youth Services. 


​  ​​​Homeward Band Headbands values women of all talents and abilities. You may not always feel beautiful or exceptional, but one's character speaks for itself. We are launching an "Every Woman is..." campaign to showcase our beliefs. How do you feel about this? Like us on FB and tell everyone.